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thenewguineapigs :: uPlaya Artists

They need your vote - 2 minutes of your time tops. THANK YOU

A positive sombre Noise Guitar (ala Ronald Jones) Experimental Rock song currently on the MySpace toyota music competition - any help appreciated in getting the votes up there.


The New Guinea Pigs on Reverbnation

Please learn more about the band at Reverbnation.com and help keep the momentum as they climb their charts.


The Flaming Lips Embryonic with Bonus DVD

This double-CD albums just ROCKS! Toss in the bonus DVD and you've got what you need until the next highly anticipate album!

If you attended one of the music festivals or concerts this summer you may have taken part in a clever campaign where your ticket purchase entitled you to a digital track download from the new album in advance of it's release.

Here are some clips of them doing new tracks live Convinced of the Hex


Sitcom Neighbor LIVE at The Derby, L.A. July 15th

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a MUST SEE show!

When: Tuesday Jul 15, 2008
at 8:30 PM
Where: The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90027
United States
Description: LIVE SHOW
Sitcom Neighbor


Christmas On Mars premier showing - Sasquatch Festival in George, WA this May 26th

After around 8 years in the making (the official Flaming Lips web site still says it should be released by 2003) the premier of the Flaming Lips Christmas On Mars (which was to be a movie for the big screen?) as part of their live performance Monday, May 26th at the Sasquatch Festival. Visit their page for the complete line-up.

This will be quite a show as they will be performing their usual UFO theatrics along with the brand new, never done before, Christmas On Mars stage presentation additionally! Hard-core Flaming Lips fans will want to make the trek to The Gorge Amphitheatre to be able to witness this first-ever and history making performance.

From their site:
Christmas On Mars
- a film project by the Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips' first feature film, 'Christmas on Mars' will be available in time for Christmas in 2003. Written and directed by Wayne Coyne, and featuring all of the band and many of their associates, the film tells the story of the experiences of Major Syrtis during the first Christmas on a newly-colonised Mars. Wayne has compared the film to, "Maybe 'Eraserhead' or 'Dead Man' crossed with some kind of fantasy and space aspects, like 'The Wizard of Oz' and maybe '2001: A Space Odyssey,' except done without real actors or money, and set at Christmas-time." and the story that unfolds is intended to hint at 'childlike' magic within a tragic and realistic situation.


Exciting things happening for 2008

Sound the trumpets! The 20 million dollar a month spent on online advertising is now trickling down to you! You music fans who have a Social Networking page, (think MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), Bands with pages (think Purevolume, etc.) You've been posting up the content that attracts visitors while the host takes all the money to the bank.

Well it appears that 2008 is going to change all that in dramatic way! So we're going to try it. First of all PLEASE go to this link here and sign up over there. If they asked her referred you PLEASE enter ChemSet. Then send invites to all YOUR friends immediately because they're all going to get PAID too!

Starting February 1st, 2008 we'll also be putting a short 5 second audio blip on our pages from various advertisers. We're testing it now and hope you'll sign up for that as well.

These are two AWESOME ways to generate revenue and you don't have to sell a darn thing! Check this whole concept out!

Getting paid just for doing what you already are doing? This IS the future.

Stay tuned to this blog for more.


Happy Holiday

Just wanted to wish everybody out there a Happy Holiday season and a Merry New Year.

Well there hasn't been much to post really. Ronald Jones was a no-show at the Cake-Shop Richard Davies gig, and the long awaited release of his new album "Tonights Music" doesn't seem to be on the market, The Flaming Lips have no tour dates posted and if you want to catch a NYE show you'll need to go visit them in their home town in Oklahoma, Becks been putting up some preview stuff if you are on his MySpace blog, Death Cab for Cutie has been busy, the Paris Gun seem to be stagnant still.

The world of Unsigned and DIY Indie bands has been bleak, CD and track sales have been less than stellar.

One of the worst things to have occurred in 2007 was that the good folks at Weedshare.com pulled the plug on themselves along with the best thing ever for independent artists, and never came back!

Hoping 2008 will be Great!


Richard Davies NEW stuff LIVE NYC Friday and Saturday!

Richard Davies CD "Tonight's Music" is nearly ready for release! Wonderful news from the king of psychedelic of the 90's...

He's performing LIVE in FULL PERIOD COSTUME at The Cake Shop in NYC 09/07/07 and 09/08/07
with full band!: Bob Fay, Malcolm Travis & Shawn Marie Hardy

From www.cake-shop.com:

Richard Davies has established a reputation as one of the most engaging songwriters. from the off center art-pop of THE MOLES to the baroque styling of CARDINAL (collaboration with ERIC MATTHEWS) to his latest solo releases, Richard has taken cues from the crafted pop of the '60s and classic rock of the '70s to create a sound all his own.

Richard hasn't played NYC in ten years... we're totally thrilled to be chosen to be his only area shows.

The Cake Shop
152 Ludlow
NYC 10002
(between Stanton and Rivington)

NOTE: He's already sent Ronald Jones a post card earlier inviting him to come on by and join him on stage... could be amazing if Ron so happens to take him up on it - WOW!


CSR Radio goes silent May 8th in protest of new law

Well not silent, really. We'll be airing only Public Service Annoncements for SaveNetRadio.org and re-broadcasting a recent radio interview with John Beezer of Shared Media Licensing (Weedshare.com) all day Tuesday, May 8th.

None of the usual Indie Music will be played from Midnight tonight until Wednesday, May 9th in protest of the unfair and unequal law recently enacted which will put many Indie Webcasters silent or bankrupt!

Exactly one week later the new higher royalty charges were to go into effect retroactively to January 1, 2006! But Artists, Internet Radio Listeners, and Webcasters united to march on Capital Hill May 1st and succeeded in getting that date pushed back to July 15th, 2007.

Now we have very little time to push H.R. 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act through the legal system just in time to save Indie Webcasters.

Please visit SaveNetRadio.org today for more information. If you would, please call and write your representative to co-sponsor this bill. SaveNetRadio.org site makes it easy for you to do so.

Thank you!

CSR Radio


Monstrance is released

This is the definition of Experimental now isn't it? Andy Partridge (XTC) Barry Andrews and Martyn Barker (Shriekback) all get together and "jam" out a two CD release with zero overdub or trickery. It's worthy of your attention for sure. Check out a few reviews. Here's a good one for you:


Today is THE LAST day for Weedshare tune purchases

Unfortunately Weedshare.com has decided to suspend operations April 9, 2007. This was in our opinion the most fantastic digital file distribution system EVER and saying we're disappointed to see it go is the understatement of the year.

It was a fantastic solution to the illegal file sharing that hurts the Artist because music consumers actually were PAID financial incentive to LEGALLY share the file and create new sales for the band(s).

Weedshare provided all newbies a FREE $5.00 to purchase their first Weed files with - GRATIS! There was really NO reason for the fan to NOT buy 5 tunes since the bill was covered by Weed. Interested? You have less than 24 hours to visit the "Download" section of our site to take advantage of this for the last time!

Turns out the new Microsoft Operating System Vista, and Windows Media Player 11, have crippled the Weedhare file purchase process. Although a Weed file plays previews fine, and plays tunes already purchased prior just fine, the process of purchasing new Weed files in WMP 11 creates a problem for which there is no cure... It views the meta data Weed needs to add to the track as if it were a "Tampered" file and refuses to play!

With the inevitible migration to the new OS and player, and with Microsofts blatent back-turning on their partners who utilized the "Play For Sure" DRM technology in favor for their own proprietary scheme (first surprise was how the new Zune didn't do Weed) the eminent demise of the best thing for the digital music sales ever had begun.

This comes about at a time that big labels are trying to monopolize and force-feed your ears what THEY want to cram in them. The new RIAA and CRB arm twisting on capital hill have small webcasters faced with a new retroactive fee structure that will be putting many online radio stations into bankruptcy.

Visit www.ChemistrySetRecords.com often in the following weeks for news on what the next big thing for Indie music.

Click the "News" link to see how you can fight the unfair practices benefiting only the largest five Labels and squeezing out the fantastic talent who will have a hell of a lot harder time being discovered by new potential fans.

Apathy is not where it's at! Act now!

CSR Staff


The Ivy Lines plan release of new CD in 2007!

The Ivy Lines have made big strides recently in the underground mod scene. They will soon be recording second album slated for some time in 2007.

They've achieved much deserved radio airplay in the college markets and regular air stations in different parts of America and Britain, as well as several web stations.

Learn more about this fantastic group! Here are some articles about The Ivy Lines:





Please visit www.ChemistrySetRecords.com 'Music' link to purchase their self-titled Audio CD TODAY! Hear a few of their tunes on ChemSet Podcast here on our page, or on SHOUTcast.com today!

Cat Blair,
Talent Scout
Chemistry Set Records
CSR Radio